Peter Joseph – Where Are We Now?

TRANSCRIPT of introduction to the speech:
In my experience so far in attempting to promote the ideas of the movement and the Venus Project, I find about 95% of the critics tend to ignore the current state of affairs. And in a detached manner, they simply criticize the abstracts of what our proposed resolutions are. Without ever reflecting on the train of thought, that was employed to reach those solutions. So in response to this, I decided to simply focus on the information which will, at a minimum… …at least further compound the dire need to get away from our current social practises, while also showing the logic that the Venus Project employs to arrive at the conclusions and ideas that they do. We’re not just making things up. Jacque Fresco didn’t just creatively come up with ideas. He has a pivotal train of thought, and it has a near empirical basis. So, first there’s going to be an overview of the movement. The tenets of the Venus Project. And then, part 1 we’re going to elaborate even more so, on the nature of our world monetary system and it’s consequences. While in part 2 we will take a larger step back and consider the human condition, it’s cultivation and the effects of the social system at large.

Peter Joseph’s July 25th 2009 Zeitgeist Movement Lecture: London , UK from peter joseph on Vimeo.

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