Bill Hicks – Revelations [The Uncut Version]

This is the 1993 performance by Bill Hicks at the Dominion Theatre in London, which was given the title of ‘Revelations’. There’s some classic Hick’s moments throughout, including ‘Just A Ride’, and this number about how, during the 1st Gulf War which was waged against Saddam Hussein over Kuwait, George Bush Senior’s military only really served to disarm an army which they had armed for profit in the preceding years;

You know we armed Iraq. I wondered about that too, you know. During the Persian Gulf war, those intelligence reports would come out: “Iraq: incredible weapons – incredible weapons.” “How do you know that?” “Uh, well … we looked at the receipts. But as soon as that check clears, we’re goin’ in. What time’s the bank open? Eight? We’re going in at nine. We’re going in for God and country and democracy and here’s a fetus and he’s a Hitler. Whatever you fucking need, let’s go. Get motivated behind this, let’s go!” Bill Hicks RIP.

This routine was filmed during November 1992, and it was released on 14 September 1993. It may be Hicks’ last ever live appearance on stage in the UK.

Produced by Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks is a now-deceased standup comic from the United States, who first made a big name for himself on UK tv, then began to do so across America before his untimely death. His routines centered on the dumbed-down media, political repression by western nations, the destructive use of the American military, and environmental and health issues, amongst other areas of interest. He was ahead of his time, and was without doubt the best politicised comedian of recent decades! Bill Hicks died as a result of pancreatic cancer on 26 February 1994, at just 32 years of age. Since his death, through posthumous releases of his routines, he has become even more well-known and respected – website / twitter (both appear to be run by Bill Hicks’ family)

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