From Caliban to the Taliban: 500 Years of Humanitarian Intervention

From Caliban To The Taliban – 500 Years Of Humanitarian Intervention, is a tale of capitalist expansion down through the ages, coupled with America’s global terror campaign waged “with goodwill to all”.

Newman begins by addressing the invasion of Iraq, and explains how the US administration set the tone for media reporting throughout the war, and how a picture of an aggressive defence, by the Iraqi military, was really just a shroud for the dropping of cluster bombs on Iraqi civilians.

He then travels back in time and covers many periods in history, and manages to bring it all together into a complete storyline, which reeks of propaganda throughout the ages.

Imperialism has always been the World’s worst enemy, yet most of us never seem to see it in action, even when it is ongoing right before our eyes. Newman is one who can help to wake us up though.

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