Serco – The Biggest Corporation That You Have Never Heard Of

Serco are a UK company who have managed to gain government contracts in a variety of countries, expanding their turnover by 1200% between 1994 and 2009. At the time this film was first broadcasted on ABC, they ran all seven of Australia’s immigration detention centres, some of Australia’s prisons, plus half of London’s traffic lights, all of Dublin’s traffic lights, and Ontario’s driver’s license testing centres. They were the largest air traffic controllers in the World (54 towers in the US alone), and were set to become the largest private operator of prisons in the UK. They ran all of the UK state schools in Bradford, they looked after the UK’s entire nuclear arsenal (from creation to decommissioning) and they even had the contract for setting GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). 85% of Serco’s workforce came from the public service – the very people who would have awarded them the contracts in the first place! There were many more contracts which they had at that stage, and they are sure to have added to that impressive catalogue by now.

Date: December.2009 Length: 3 mins
Film by: ABC Australia / Hungry Beast Hosted By: YouTube

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