The Largest Continents In The World

This is a list of the World’s continent’s, listed by total area, in accordance with the popular 7-continent model. Also included are figures for the total land area in km sq and miles sq, for each continent, percentage of overall global landmass, plus basic continent locator maps.

Other widely-used continent models include the 6-continent model with Europe and Asia combined (Eur-Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica), and the alternative 6-continent model which includes the America’s as one single continent (Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica).

Please Note: These figures are just estimates, and may be slightly off when considering different interpretations of where the individual continents begin and end. They should only be used as a guide. All maps on this page are released into the public domain.

1: Asia

Total Land Area (sq km): 44,579,000
Total Land Area (sq miles): 17,212,000
% of Global Landmass: 29.5%

2: Africa

Total Land Area (sq km): 30,221,532
Total Land Area (sq miles): 11,668,598.7
% of Global Landmass: 20.4%

3: North America

Total Land Area (sq km): 24,709,000
Total Land Area (sq miles): 9,540,000
% of Global Landmass: 16.5%

4: South America

Total Land Area (sq km): 17,840,000
Total Land Area (sq miles): 6,890,000
% of Global Landmass: 12.0%

5: Antarctica

Total Land Area (sq km): 14,000,000
Total Land Area (sq miles): 5,400,000
% of Global Landmass: 9.2%

6: Europe

Total Land Area (sq km): 10,180,000
Total Land Area (sq miles): 3,930,000
% of Global Landmass: 6.8%

7: Oceania

Total Land Area (sq km): 9,037,695
Total Land Area (sq miles): 3,489,473.5
% of Global Landmass: 5.9%

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